We are just an ordinary group of people who love challenging our artistic minds. There are no small-minded ideas, only a big visionary God whom we serve.

Jason - Graphic Designer, Guitar, Drums

Angela - Graphic Designer

Rachel - Keys

Breanna - Vocals, Keys, Guitar, Drums, Graphic Designer

Kassie - Guitar, Vocals, Graphic Designer

Keith - Graphic Designer

Jonathan - Guitar

Jonna - Vocals

Olivia - Vocals


Interested in Joining?


We are always looking for more musicians to add to our worship team. Sunday experiences are our primary way to play music together and lead our church into authentic worship. Our desire is to create a space where we can hear from the Holy Spirit and pray for one another.


  • Already established ability to play basic skillset of instrument.

  • Attend Thursday night practices from 6pm-8pm.

  • Arrive on Sunday mornings at 7am.

Graphic Designer

Our creative team is a huge component of Sunday morning production. We design sermon bumpers, logos, graphics, social media posts, event marketing strategies, merchandise, etc.


  • Already established basic level skillset of graphic design.

  • Attend monthly Tuesday night meetings from 6pm-8pm.

  • Follow simple church design structures.

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